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Stories, favorites and great
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Stories, favorites and great
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Stories, favorites and great
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Stories, favorites and great
Secret for survival

Angel, a Jew, owner of the most famous bakery in Germany, often said: "Do you know why I'm alive today?"

I was still a teenager when Nazis in Germany killed Jews mercilessly.

Nazis took us to Auschwitz by train.

Last night in the ward was deadly cold. We were left for many days in cars without food, without beds, which means without the possibility to warm up somehow.

It was snowing everywhere. The cold wind froze our cheeks every second. There were hundreds of us on those cold, horrible nights. No food, no water, no hiding. The blood is frozen in the veins.

Next to me was an elderly Jew who was very loved in my city. He was all shaking and looking terrible. I wrapped him with my hands to warm him up. Hugged him tight to give him some warmth. Rub his hands, legs, face, neck.

I begged him to stay alive. I cheered him up. This is how I kept this man warm all night. I myself was tired and frozen. Fingers crossed, but I kept massaging this man's body to warm him up.

So many hours have passed.

Finally, the morning has come, the sun has started to shine. I looked around myself to see other people.

To my horror, all I could see was frozen corpses.

All I could hear was the silence of death.

Frosty night killed everyone. They died of cold. Only two people survived: the old man and me. The old man survived because I didn't let him freeze, and I survived because I made him warm.

Allow me to tell you the secret of survival in this world.

When you warm the heart of others, then you will warm yourself.

When you support, strengthen and encourage others, then you receive support, strengthening and encouragement in your life”.

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